Among other Exibitors

Professional Exchange

Experts and professionals connect digitally worldwide. New contacts form the basis for the long-term establishment of your different offerings. Your business network will be expanded in a targeted manner.

Digital Platform

The focus is on new products, innovations and services for the entire industry. The IB EXPO will be the year-round world exhibition for your success. The place-to-be for every manufacturer.

Simple guidance system

Customers have specific requirements. Our accessible image and industry guidance system leads your target group directly to you. Your range of offerings is presented directly to the target group.

Success Guaranteed

With our concept, we take product marketing to the next level: Plannable. Effective. Promising. This is particularly valuable in today's world.

Your trade show appearance

Present yourself to your target group with a special design. Important components include company data, product information and services. Your corporate identity will be adjusted in terms of brand color.

Brand recognition is guaranteed. The visitors become part of a unique experience and seek contact with you.

Show appearance

Your interactive 3D exhibition stand

We bring your products and services to your target group. Your 3D exhibition stand will be set up according to your CI guidelines. Convince your customers with a digital experience directly in their web browser – any time – from anywhere.

  • An innovative format with great potential
  • Your digital trade fair presence becomes an experience
  • Your services are made digitally available
  • Product presentations come to life in a special format
Interactive product

Your interactive product presentation

3D visualizations are an efficient tool for sales and marketing. An impressive presentation of your products is crucial.

The product strengths and advantages are placed prominently in the foreground. The highlights of your product range are presented in an accessible manner and conveyed in a high-quality visual

  • Interactive product presentation
  • Optimal product communication
  • Listing of your products strengths
  • More efficiency in sales
  • Attract attention
  • Fascinating product experience

Our reach is your success

Our entire media portfolio is known and, above all, familiar to our readership. Trade magazines, national online portals, an international online portal, our social media channel and our high level of expertise in media marketing are the guarantee for IB EXPO.

The total reach is 242,400 contacts per month.

See the effective and elegant design of your exhibition presence for yourself

Live Dates 2021

During the four fairs, registered participants can contact you in directly: video calls, live chat, and live presentations are possible.

Your fair budget effectively used


  • 30 Days
  • 3 Products
  • 5 Search Keywords
  • Showroom
  • 3D Exhibition Stand
  • 1 Fair Date
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  • 365 days
  • 5 Products
  • 10 Search Keywords
  • Showroom
  • 3D Exhibition Stand
  • 4 Fair Dates
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  • 365 days
  • 10 Products
  • 15 Search Keywords
  • Showroom
  • 3D Exhibition Stand
  • 4 Fair Dates
  • 2x More Views
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  • 365 days
  • 15 Products
  • 20 Search Keywords
  • Showroom
  • 3D Exhibition Stand
  • Integration of your own digital exhibition stand
  • Monthly content editing
  • 4 Fair Dates
  • 4x More Views
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Guide System

All trade fair visitors must register in order to get full access to all exhibitors.

In addition to a keyword search, we also offer a flexible and self-explanatory guidance system. Products, companies or the required solutions can be found directly.


See the effective and elegant design of your exhibition presence for yourself

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